CosmiCraft - TSC


Stranded in space surrounded by impending doom, you must assemble a hefty spaceship from the parts of your foes in order to have any chance of making your way back home.


W or Up arrow key - Move forward
Mouse - Steer
Q - Enter/Exit edit mode
Click and drag - Add, rearrange and remove parts


Find and defeat all 3 bosses (using the arrow at the top as an indicator) to obtain their parts and win.
There are 5 kinds of blocks:
Boosters - Make your ship fly and turn around faster
Hull - Protect other components
Power Cells - Improve your fire rate
Gun Towers - Allow you to shoot one more bullet simultaneously
Trophies - Attach 3 of them to yor ship in order to win!
Made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 45 - [Entry Page]