Team Spontaneous Combustion


Line blocks to lasers in this tetronimos game where you are tight on space and time.


As the only still-functioning robot wandering around the junkyard, the other robots have come far and wide to harvest one thing: your valuable upgrades! But with a little help from your abilities, you can push and destroy them in a heaping pile of scraps and harvest their powerups before they harvest yours.


Play as a springtail, crunching your way through scrumptious leaves as you venture deep into the soil of this little puzzle game!

Color Coded

The new state-of-the-art Palette Pistol is in its testing stage, and there’s one major problem. The button used to easily change the type of weapon used is stuck, thus forcing the gun to change its type automatically! Not being one to back away from a challenge, you take to the testing arenas to show that even when your weapons are stuck in a loop, your skills don’t have to be.


You are a regular employee working during a not-so-regular day at PAPER™, an office supplies store that has begun to employ the use of its new cleaning technology. However, this unorthodox sanitation method has to be tamed.


Stranded in space surrounded by impending doom, you must assemble a hefty spaceship from the parts of your foes in order to have any chance of making your way back home.

Vital Operations

Dr. Stein is a surgeon with a unique way of performing transplants on his patients. Their lives are in his hands, and his life is in your hands. Will you have a successful operation, or die trying?

Daycare Dilemma

You made the mistake of opening a baby and cat care business at the same time, and now you have to take care of both at once! Items will appear on a conveyor belt that correspond with a baby or cat's specific needs.

Love Love! Space Attack

A person moves game files around on the computer, but the copying process gets interrupted, corrupting the files and causing two video game worlds (Dating Sim and Bullet Hell) to merge. Commander Dan Makú, fighting for the intergalactic war, finds himself dating a girl, Ren Aishi, for some reason. All she can see is the dialogue choices he chooses, unaware that the alien war may be having an impact on her, too.


Your ship crash lands on a small planet. Use its resources to create buildings and grow your colony. But be careful at night, when the creatures come out to play.


You find yourself locked in an abandoned library... but is there more to it than meets the eye?


Help the anglerfish seek out and catch its prey, navigating undersea tunnels and avoiding dangers

Downstage Draft

A boy, bored at the theater, wanders backstage and encounters a different kind of challenge