Vital Operations - TSC

Vital Operations

Dr. Stein is a surgeon with a unique way of performing transplants on his patients. Their lives are in his hands, and his life is in your hands. Will you have a successful operation, or die trying?


Arrow keys or WASD - Move
X - Interact with a patient
Mouse - Operate


Operate on your own parts by clicking and dragging within the red lines according to which body part the patient needs.
If done correctly, the limb will come off and you can click and drag it to the patient’s missing body part.
Each body part you give up gives you 100 points.
Move to the door up north to spend your points and regain your body parts and blood (health represented by the red bar at the top).
The goal is to prevent your blood supply from completely draining
Organ/Limbs Prices:
1 - 200
2 - 300
3 - 350
4 - 400
Made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 44 - [Entry Page]